badala: eco-friendly fun for kids.

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Our stickers turn old boxes into new toys.

120.000 tons of wastepaper accumulate each year in the city of Vienna alone -  including a huge amount of cardboard boxes. BADALA stickers (Panjabi for “transform“) convert these boxes into inexpensive, eco-friendly and pedagogically valuable toys for kids such as race cars, pirates ships and stoves. So fire up your child’s imagination – with stickers from BADALA!

Barbara Höller

BADALA was founded by Barbara Höller in 2016.
The designer and mother of two little children came up with the idea for the stickers when she couldn´t find any eco-friendly, pedagogigcally valuable and inexpensive toys for her kids.

Mission Statement

'Our mission is to offer a unique playing experience to children of all cultures across the globe. It will inspire their creativity, imagination and intelligence and allow them to actively delve into their fantasy worlds. Our objective is to boost the environmental consciousness of the upcoming generation, offer adults some relaxation during play while also delighting you and your children.'